Online Registration
Providing space in the conference is available, you may reserve a place at this international conference by completing the online registration form, and submitting the Registration Form together with the appropriate fee. The payments will be invoiced by the ICIE in € (Euro), and will include VAT (or Tax) when applicable. The registration fee of €350 covers the whole period of the conference (July 3-5, 2017) including: (1) registration; (2) coffee breaks; (3) workshops; and (4) lunches. But, it is exclusive of accommodation, and other meals. For those who are interested to attend the workshops, as scheduled in the conference programme, you have to select one workshop per day.  If for any reason you would like to cancel your registration, cancellation by the participant must be made in writing to the conference organising committee. Cancellation fees will be charged in accordance with the scale below: Until March 15, 2017 refund minus €60 cancellation/ administration fees; Until May 15, 2017 refund minus 50% of all amounts paid; and After June 1, 2017 NO Refund. In the event that a participant is unable to take part in this international conference but he/ she is able to nominate an alternate, then the participant must inform the organising committee in writing of the name of the alternate, and must do so by not later than 14 days prior the conference. We reserve the right to apply €50 for changing the registration record.

Local Participants:
Local participants are partially sponsored by: The ICIE; and University of Lisbon. The local participants are going to pay the rest of the registration fee which is €100 including the workshops. To make your registration as a local participants, click (only) on the box next to this type of registration and pay this amount online. Or wire your registration to the bank account of the ICIE in Germany. The bank info shown below.
If you would like to register and/ or you have any question, contact us:

How to Pay? You can pay via the following methods:
  • Bank Transfer:
    · Bank account opened under the name: International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE)
    · Account number: 1010270881
    · Bank Name & Address: Sparkasse Ulm, Neue Str. 66, D-89073, Ulm-Germany
    · Bank Identifier Code (BIC): SOLADES1ULM
    · IBAN : DE86630500001010270881
    · German Bank Code: 63050000
  • Cheque
    PLEASE QUOTE “Excellence in Education 2017”
    Make cheques payable to: The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE);
    and send your Cheque to:
    Prof. Dr. Taisir Subhi Yamin; General Director;
    Heilmeyersteige 93;
    D-89075, Ulm; Germany.

Important Notes:

All participants are kindly recommended to register by completing and submitting the Online Registration Form and pay the appropriate fees by credit card. Please read the instructions on the website carefully.


Submitting the Online Registration Form, without paying the fees, does not mean you are now enrolled in the conference. Such forms will be removed within 24 hours.

To pay the registration fees by bank transfer, contact us to send you the invoice, and the registration number.

Now, if you wish to register and to pay online, will you please complete the following form and follow the payment instructions:
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