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Lisbon (2)

Cultivating Wonder in Education
Vlad Petre Glaveanu
Aalborg University, Denmark
This workshop aims to elaborate the notion of wonder presented in the keynote and to guide participants in developing educational material aimed at cultivating wonder in educational settings (e.g., school, organisations, community centres). The main objectives of the workshop are:
  1. to reflect on and gather information about what constitutes wonder experiences in education and how these experiences can be fostered;
  2. to offer conceptual and methodological tools for developing educational content that cultivates wonder;
  3. to practice, together with the other participants, ways of elaborating and delivering lessons in ways that trigger experiences of wonder.
In the end, participants will be able to identity and reflect on what stimulates but also hinders wonder and wondering, how best to foster such experiences in education, and why they matter for developing student creativity, engagement and well-being.