Youth Summit

Youth Summit
For the 13th time, The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) will be organizing an international conference bringing together world renown experts on topics of gifted education and excellence in education. Like many times before, scholars from around the world will be sharing their newest research and practical skills with conference participants from around the world. This year, the conference will take place May 18th to 21st 2016 in Rijeka, Croatia. The ICIE is proud to organize the conference under the umbrella of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport and in partnership with the University of Rijeka, City of Rijeka, and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.
ICIE in Rijeka

Summit information

For the first time, the conference will also include a Youth Summit. We decided to include youth in our conference because we felt that we cannot talk about excellence, creativity and innovation in education without asking youth their thoughts and opinions, but also without sharing some best practice youth led programs around the world. We expect that 100 youth aged 12 to 17, from at least 8 countries around the world will participate and contribute to the Summit.   Youth will also be responsible for organizing, staffing and choosing the content of their summit. We hope to engage the youth in an intra- and inter- cultural dialogue with their peers, but we also hope to open up a dialogue between the youth and the adult participants of the conference. Activities we hope to include in the youth summit:
  1. Each group will introduce its country and their education system. Then, youth will work in small groups containing members from various countries to create an education system they would like to be a part of (incorporating practices they liked hearing about in the presentations and adding their own ideas)
  2. Youth will present their newly developed education systems to the adult conference
  3. Youth will present programs from their schools (and learn about others') that are innovative, creative and promote excellence (in parallel sessions based on topic - i.e. technology, arts, civic participation, etc.)
  4. Youth will participate in workshops that teach them new skills (workshops will be facilitated by non-profit organizations' staff, keynote speakers from the adult portion of the conference and other experts). Skills will include but will not be limited to: media skills, workshop facilitation, advocacy, volunteer management tips, Prezi presentations, public speaking, etc.
  5. One day trip for team building and networking (in preparation for post-conference work and partnerships).
It is our hope that through this summit, youth will have an opportunity to:
  • Be meaningfully engaged in proceedings and organization of international conference;
  • Meet, learn about, learn from and make lasting relationships with other youth;
  • Be connected to knowledge and information delivered to them by world's experts in education;
  • Learn new practical skills they can then disseminate in their own schools and countries;
  • Engage in brain storming, learn about good practices, create new ideas and be empowered to act on things they are passionate about;
  • Find new opportunities to partner with other participants (youth and adults) through social and political action (i.e. presenting in European Parliament, joining efforts on international projects, plan future student exchanges, etc.); and
  • Learn about Croatia's natural and historical heritage.

Youth Summit ICIE


There is no registration fees, but donations and sponsorships to help us fund the conference are welcomed. All participants will need to cover their own travel expenses and can chose their preferred method of travelling. There will be a number of hostels and hotels available for accommodation (to be paid by participants), with potential discount arrangements. Groups that are having hard time covering hotel fees should contact administrators, as other potential options might be available. Lunch (hot food) and two snacks will be provided for the participants during the conference. Other meals will be at participants' cost. Each group will have at least one local youth and one local adult available to them for any logistical support and for tourist guidance. Youth will need to be accompanied by at least one staff from their school of origin (this staff can arrange with organizers to join the adult conference during the day - for agreed upon fee). Arrangements for internet access will be made in order to ensure possibility of daily communication with parents or Skype sessions with their classes back home.

Contact Us

For all information please contact:
Ms. Nana Gulic;
Child and Youth Worker, Elementary School Milan Brozovic, Kastav- Croatia,
Youth Summit in Rijeka
Tel.: +385 91 984 3682.