Workshop (4)

Creating Creative, Cooperative Environments Creatively and Cooperatively
Ken W. McCluskey
Dean, Faculty of Education, The University of Winnipeg, Canada
Researchers often consider how to develop creative environments through “person” (the characteristics and problem-solving styles of the people involved), “process” (the operations they perform), and “product” (the resultant outcomes). However, in education, in business, and indeed in all areas of human endeavour, the problem-solving environment is equally important. And there are tangible things than can be done to help establish an energizing, stimulating climate. The focus of this session is on nurturing creativity in schools, post-secondary institutions, and the workplace by setting a positive tone which builds trust and openness, challenge and motivation, autonomy, dynamism, playfulness and humour, and idea support. Certainly, educators (at any level) and parents would be the main target groups, but researchers and business people would also be interested in many of the topics that will be addressed in this workshop.