Symposium Ten

Symposium Ten:

Entrepreneurial Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Business School PAR



Gordana NikolicPAR School

Dean, Business School PAR, Trg Rijecke rezolucije 4, Rijeka, Croatia.



Gordana Nikolic, Ph.D.,

Dean of the Business School PAR.

Ms. Zeljka Mrksa,

Entrepreneurial Learning Expert, South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.

Vidoje Vujic, Ph.D., President of Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber Rijeka.

Denis Khermayer, the Headmaster of the High School “Andrije Ljudevita Adamica”

Laura Grubisic, the Headmaster of the High School for Economy


Duration:90 minutes


The idea of integrating entrepreneurship and education has been a part of the EU’s endeavors since the introduction of the Lisbon Strategy in 2000. Since then, it has found its way into the curricula in all levels of education, as a valuable approach in raising students’ awareness on the importance of critical thinking, proactivity, creativity, and innovation (Expert Group on Indicators on Entrepreneurial Learning and Competence: Final Report, DG Education and Culture Framework Contract, 2014). Moreover, it has been a part of the Croatian National Curriculum Framework as a basic competence. (Strategy for the construction and development of the national curriculum for preschool education, general compulsory and secondary school education, 2007). This lecture will provide an insight into some examples of entrepreneurial education in higher education in Europe, and focus on the example of the Business School PAR. The Business School PAR is the first and only private higher education institution in Rijeka and the surrounding region. It offers a BA study in Business Management with a special emphasis on encouraging entrepreneurship learning through the Student business incubator, and forming partnerships with SMEs and entrepreneurial institutions from the region.