Symposium Six

Symposium (6):

Innovative Approaches in Working with Children and Youth with Special Needs: Youth Activism, Acting and Community Programming

Nana Gulić; Iva Marčelja; Nataša Tepša

The three panelist each engage with children and youth, who are either gifted of experience learning/developmental or behavioural difficulties, through 'out-of-the box' approaches. 

Iva Marčelja is a Youth Centre Programme Coordinator at Dom mladih - City of Rijeka institution whose main activity is organization of free time for children and youth. In this symposium she will talk about how they animate children with the qualitative and diversified programs, and then, with the help of expert advisors and modern equipment, introduce them into the world of technical culture, fine arts and music. A discussion will take place on how they help elementary and secondary school children, through various activities, develop their potentials, explore their interests, develop creativity and creative intelligence, as well as learn in an interesting way.

Nataša Tepša, Happy Things Academy will talk about her experience with working as a drama teacher and clown doctor with children with special needs. She will do a manifestation of her work and will „drive you through“ scene work that contains some acting practices such as breathing, movement, group games and improvisation.

Children and youth are not only our future, they are a very important part of our present. When given a chance, little bit of guidance, trust and encouragement children and youth make miracles. During her presentation, Nana Gulić, Child and Youth Worker, Elementary School Kastav will talk about methods and impact of high level youth engagement (especially 'at risk' youth) in community projects and social justice work.