Jasminka Ledić,

Professor Jasminka Ledić, Ph.D. has been a full professor with tenure employed at the Department of Education at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka University since 1982.
She has published twelve scientific monographs and a number of research and professional papers in the area of education, individually or as a co-author. Her research interests are related to higher education, the European dimension in education, history of education and civil society.
She has led and participated in several research projects on the international and national level. She is currently head of the Croatian Science Foundation project: “Academic Profession Competencies Framework: Between New Requirements and Possibilities” (APROFRAME) as well as the project supported by the University of Rijeka: “The European Dimension in Education: Approaches and Challenges”. She was a Fulbright grant recipient and she won the Annual State Award “Ivan Filipović” for contribution to the development of higher education. She also received the Annual Award of the City of Rijeka for her contribution to the popularization of science as a member of the steering board of the association ''Zlatni rez''.