Sponsorship, Exhibition, Partnership:

All enquiries about sponsorships, showcasing your products or services, partnerships and communication in general, please contact:
Ms. Sandra Krpan (Chair of the Conference)
and / or
Dr. Sandra Linke (Director, ICIE).

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the main campus of University of Rijeka in Rijeka – Croatia.

This is the 13th ICIE international conference on “Excellence in Education & Psychology”. The ICIE is organizing this conference in partnership with:
University of Rijeka; City of Rijeka; and Primorje - Gorski Kotar County.

Opening hours:
The Exhibition will be open during the conference hours:
Tuesday (May 17, 2016): Exhibitors move in from 12.00 noon and have to be finished by 18.00.
Wednesday                  (May 18, 2016)                 09.00-18.00
Thursday                     (May 19, 2016)                 09.00-18.00
Friday                          (May 20, 2016)                 09.00-18.00
Saturday                      (May 21, 2016)                 09.00-16.00

Moving in:
The Exhibition hall will be open for exhibitors to set up their stands on Tuesday (May 17, 2016) from 12.00 noon. Please note that it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to put up his or her own exhibitor material.

Exhibition stand and cost:
The exhibition fee is €1000 for minimum 8 m2 (excl. VAT). Additional cost per m2 is €100 (excl. VAT). VAT of 25% will be added. The fee includes:
  • The exhibition area;
  • List of exhibitors printed in the conference programme book;
  • Morning and afternoon coffee (during the scheduled conference breaks);
  • Daily lunch during the conference (May 18-21, 2016);
  • One table and two chairs;
  • Welcome Reception;
  • Any demonstration equipment shall not obstruct the passage in common areas or cause any disturbance to the neighboring exhibition;
  • Please note that the costs for extra fittings and accessories, exhibition stand, transportation etc. are to be covered by the exhibitor.

Moving out:
Exhibitors can start moving out on Saturday (May 21, 2016) at 16:00. Please note that it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to remove his or her own exhibitor material.

Insert in the Congress bag:
As an exhibitor you will get the opportunity to insert a reasonable size leaflet folder in the conference bags. The price for each inserted item/ leaflet is €350 (excl. VAT).

To register as an exhibitor, contact the Director of the ICIE (sandra@icieworld.net)

Exhibition badges:
Exhibitor badges will be handed out on site.

Deadline for application:
March 15, 2016.

Conditions for participation and terms of payment:
The deadline for application is March 25, 2016. The company should pay 25% of the exhibition fee as a deposit. This fee will be invoiced as soon as we have received your request. The remaining cost, together with any optional charges, should be paid by early April 2016.

Any cancellation of the exhibition should be notified by a letter to the ICIE. Cancellations received between February 25, and March 25, 2016 will be subject to a 50% reimbursement of the total exhibition cost. No reimbursement will be given after April 25, 2016.

Insurance and Damage on exhibition premises:
The Organising Committee, the hosting university and the ICIE do not accept liability for personal/ exhibit injuries, for damage made to walls, floor, equipment or inventory of the exhibition premises, either during or as a result of the exhibition. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange the necessary insurance coverage.

How to Pay?

You can pay via the following methods:

Bank Transfer:
- Account name: International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE),
- Account number: 1010270881
- Bank Name & Address: Sparkasse Ulm, Neue Str. 66, D-89073, Ulm-Germany.
- Bank Identifier Code (BIC): SOLADES1ULM
- German Bank Code: 63050000
- IBAN: DE86 6305 0000 1010 2708 81
PLEASE QUOTE “Excellence in Education 2014”
Make cheques payable to: The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE);
and send your Cheque to:
Dr. Sandra K. Linke;
Director, ICIE;
Heilmeyersteige 93;
D-89075, Ulm; Germany.