Aleksandra Tokarz

Aleksandra Tokarz ICIE
Aleksandra Tokarz is professor at Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University in Kracow, where she is employed uninterruptedly since 1974.
Her research works are focused on issues related to motivating and emotional mechanisms of creative activity, especially cognitive curiosity and motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) and hubristic one as well. Her research was made within groups of creators: artists, scientists, and teachers. One of the results of research on different motivating mechanisms and their conditions was establishing methods and procedures of arousing and stimulating motivation for achievements and cognitive motivation, i.e. motivation that are favourable for teachers’ and students’ creativity. Another research field are motivating aspects of work: psychological conditions of professional burnout, workaholism, and passion. Recently undertaken therefore refer to emotional determinants of sports activity.
Methodology of the above mentioned research comprises experiments, surveys and – significantly, recently – qualitative analyses of expression and behaviour. She was the author of two monographs, the editor of five volumes devoted to creativity motivation, two devoted to domain of psychological theories. She wrote about 90 papers in Polish and foreign scientific journals and books.
Prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Tokarz is a member of Polish Psychological Association and Academic Association of Managerial Psychology.