Workshop (6)

Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC)
Maud Besançon
University Paris Descartes, France.
This instrument, the Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC 2009), is a new instrument that allows creative giftedness to be measured. It includes verbal and graphic sub-tests that measure the two key modes of creative cognition—divergent-exploratory thinking and convergent-integrative thinking—in elementary and middle-school students. Psychometric results concerning the instrument were developed, as well as an original, internet-based scoring system that enhances inter-rater reliability is under construction.
The instrument, developed initially with a sample of 300 French school children, can be used as an efficient diagnostic tool to identify creative potential and to monitor progress, using pre-tests and post-tests, in educational programs designed to enhance creativity. This instrument is available in five languages, including: French; English; Arabic; Turkish; and German. In the second phase of this project, the instrument will be available in other languages.