Symposium Nine

Chandelier Methodology: Many Points of Light

Moderator: Trevor J. Tebbs (Castleton State College, Castleton, Vermont, USA)

                  Trevor J. Tebbs
                  David St Germain
                  Maksym Galchenko
                  Winter Thayer
                  Marion Rogalla
In this era of history, technology and the web holds sway with thousands of new apps constantly appearing the world over - some deserving of our attention and some not so much. Our presentation focuses on a powerful, innovative, purposeful, web-based system which has many benefits specifically, but not exclusively, in the context of psycho-educational activities.  
The Chandelier system provides by combines: a) sound methodology founded on child development, psychology, pedagogy, gifted education, sociology, genetics, neurology, psychometrics and other areas of human interest; b) world-class technology which facilitates the assembly, storage and management of rich data which in turn is used to create holistic ‘portraits’ or ‘profiles’ that enhance understanding and the development of individual potential. Three main aspects of the system will be presented:
  1. The foundational and structural elements of a methodology rooted in decades of personal & professional experience, psychological and educational theory and practice.
  2. The technology and it works in support of the methodology.
  3. How technology and methodology work together to gather ‘many points of light,’ plot, monitor and demonstrate the development of individual potential in such diverse contexts as analyzing educational data and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
This symposium represents an important and major step forward for Dr. Tebbs and his colleagues. The Chandelier concept has been in the process of incubation and realization since October 2009. In January 2010 the first Chandelier ideas and drawings were shared with trusted friends and colleagues at ICIE conference in Dubai and at the University of Paris. During the summer of 2011 the concept was shared with several interested professionals in France, Germany, Switzerland and the Ukraine. Ultimately Maksym Galchenko and Dr. Stanislav Dovgyi of the Institute of Gifted Child elected to undertake development of the technological component of the Chandelier system. Over the past two years work has been going forward to accomplish that task. At the time of writing (March, 2014) software engineers in Kyiv have completed the first version a distant learning app accessible on most computer devices which we hope to demonstrate during the symposium.