Symposium One

Is Giftedness Really a Gift? A Critical Examination of Gifted Black Males in Higher Education

Moderator: Fred A. Bonner II

Presenters: Fred A. Bonner II; Rosie Banda; Cheron Hunter; and Donald Mitchell


Fred Bonner

This presentation seeks to underscore how colleges and universities in the United States can better define, identify and meet the needs of gifted African American males. An overview of the impact that the P-16 context of gifted definitions and identifications has on African American males is followed by a review of these effects on the postsecondary African American male. By examining African American male giftedness through the intersectional lens of race, gender, and the definition of giftedness, this presentation seeks to theorize how these factors taken together may be used to more accurately identify African American male giftedness. To conclude, recommendations are offered for future research and practice.

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